Farage Precision Every Day Carry Belt

This is the belt that you have been hearing about, the Farage Precision Every Day Carry (EDC) belt...the belt for those of you out there that don't need to or don't want to advertise that you might be carrying a firearm.  We are proud to announce our collaboration with the fine folks at Blue Ridge Overland Gear which has allowed us to create an uber comfortable EDC belt.  This belt is made in the USA of top quality nylon webbing, an AustriAlpin belt buckle, and high quality leather.  This belt offers amazing all day comfort, but don't take our word for it, listen to the folks who are currently wearing them like Jason Redding of K&M Shooting Complex and others:

"I received one of the most comfortable EDC belts that I’ve ever worn a few weeks ago from my good friend Mark at Farage Precision.  A simple yet efficient design, the belt comes in several non-tactical nylon colors to suit just about everyone's taste.  What I noticed immediately was the comfort of the leather liner.  The belt came with an AustriAlpin buckle and the tail could be cut to fit.  I carry appendix most of the time and this belt provides ample support while keeping a slim appearance.  You owe it to yourself to check out the Farage Precision EDC Belt, you won’t be disappointed."

"FYI, the Farage Precision EDC Belt works perfect for all day/night/HAHO/HALO operations.  Tested and verified fact." - EDC Belt Customer